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Adsorbent alumina active ball adsorption ball for oil refinery

Buy Alumina inert Ceramic Catalyst Media Ball factory wholesale price
Activated ceramic ball
93.5 Activated alumina is suitable for drying fluids and gases. Activated alumina is spherical activated alumina made by a special process. It is widely used for drying fluids and gases.
Product advantages:

1. Uniform ball size.

It can dry high-pressure gas while minimizing pressure drop. The uniform spherical shape of the 93.5 activated alumina prevents adsorption and separation during the air-controlled charging process, thereby minimizing channeling and making more effective use of the drying absorption tower.

2. High extrusion strength.

93.5 activated alumina has high squeezing strength to ensure that the gas quickly passes through the absorption tower. The high squeezing strength also enables the absorption tower to dry the gas more effectively. 93.5 activated alumina can effectively prevent the entry of ammonia gas. In addition, the high extrusion strength of 93.5 activated alumina can make it dry acidic substances such as CO2 gases and liquids, providing long-term service life.

3. Low wear.

The low abrasion performance of 93.5 activated alumina ensures that it reduces the generation of dust during the gas/liquid transportation process, ensures that the gas pressure is reduced during the work process, and minimizes the prevention of gas backflow and filter blockage, usually and Some dust and gas are used together.

4. Large adsorption capacity.

The high specific surface area and special micropore distribution of 93.5 activated alumina enable it to absorb a large amount of water vapor. Through the good design of the absorption tower and effective regeneration, 93.5 activated alumina can reduce the discharge of wastewater (for example lu point). 93.5 activated alumina also has high crystal stability to ensure its long service life. Applications :

1. Dry.

Almost all gases and fluids can be dried with 93.5 activated alumina. The removal of water vapor is necessary during production and fluid transportation. Φ 5-6mm is usually used in water vapor absorption where the gas pressure drop is minimal. Φ4-5mm size is used in fluid drying and other fluid absorption applications. 93.5 activated alumina is also suitable for the drying of industrial compressor gas. It can maintain good working performance at low lu points, and 93.5 activated alumina is suitable for dryers of various sizes. It is also suitable for the drying of gases in the regeneration environment (350 ~ 600°F) and pressure transformation (PSA) environment.

2. Removal of acid impurities.

Remove the acidic substances generated in the use of oil, lubricating oil, and refrigerant. 93.5 Activated alumina can remove acidic substances during its use. In the process of Cl- and F-hydrocarbons, the removal of excess halides and water is necessary to produce a product that does not cause corrosion. Typical chemical composition
AL2O3(wt%) 93.5
SiO2(wt%) 0.02
Fe2O3(wt%) 0.02
Na2O(wt%) 0.3-0.4
L.O.I(300-1000℃)(wt%) 4-7
  Technical Standard:
Physical Properties White Sphere
Diameter Specific 1/8 (3.2mm)(3-4mm) 3/16′ (4.7mm)(4-5mm) 1/4′ (6.5mm)(6-7mm) 1/2′ (13mm)(12-14mm)
Surface Area (m2/g) 300-350 300-350 300-350 300-330
Pore Volume(cc/g) 0.4-0.5 0.4-0.5 0.4-0.5 0.4-0.5
Bulk Density(g/cm3 0.75 0.75 0.75 0.70
Compressive Strength (N/sphere) 100 200 300 500
Wear Rate (wt%) 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.1
Static Adsorption Capacity(wt%) 18 18 18 18

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