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Advantages of ceramic wear-resistant elbow

Ceramic-lined steel pipe is a kind of composite pipe that combines ceramic and metal organic. Ceramic steel pipe combines the advantages of high alumina hardness, good chemical inertness and steel, and has excellent wear resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance and heat resistance. Impact and anti-mechanical impact performance, used for power plant coal, ash, mine powder, tailings, backfill, coal in coal mines, beneficiation plants, coke particles in coking plants, and sintering plant materials. The service life is 15 longer than ordinary steel pipes. It can also be used for the transportation of molten aluminum and corrosive media. Product performance:

1. Wear resistance: The Alumina ceramic Al2O3 content in the lining ceramic layer of the ceramic composite steel pipe is greater than 90%, and the microhardness is HV1000-1800, so it has high wear resistance, and its wear resistance is ten times higher than that of quenched medium carbon steel , Better than tungsten carbide.

2. Corrosion resistance Ceramics are neutral materials with stable chemical properties, excellent corrosion resistance and acid resistance, resistance to various inorganic acids, organic acids, organic solvents, etc., and their corrosion resistance is more than ten times that of stainless steel.

3. Excellent heat resistance, can withstand temperatures above 2000°C, and can work for a long time in the range of -50°C to 900°C.

4. Easy to weld: The ceramic-lined composite steel pipe can be connected by welding the outer steel pipe.

5. Convenient transportation and installation: Compared with steel pipes, wear-resistant alloy cast pipes, cast iron pipes and cast stone pipes, ceramic-lined composite steel pipes are relatively light in weight and easy to transport and install. The ceramic-lined composite steel pipe can be connected by welding, flange, flexible quick joint, etc., which is very convenient to install. Ceramic-lined steel pipes can be used for a variety of pipes in thermal power, iron and steel, non-ferrous metals, mining, coal, chemical, petrochemical and other industries because of their various properties:

1. Pipes requiring high wear resistance: coal and ash (slag from thermal power plants) ) Conveying pipelines, concentrator tailings and concentrate conveying pipelines, port ore slurry and silt conveying pipelines, pulverized coal slurry conveying pipelines, etc.

2. Various pipes requiring high corrosion resistance.

3. Molten aluminum liquid transportation pipeline.

4. Various channels requiring high wear resistance, high corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance.

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