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Application advantages of wear-resistant ceramic composite liner in sintering cylinder mixer

With the continuous improvement of production capacity and blast furnace clinker ratio, the demand for physical output of sinter is getting higher and higher, and the contradiction between supply and demand of sinter is becoming increasingly prominent, which has become a bottleneck restricting the production and development of many companies. Due to the unreasonable lining structure of the cylinder mixer and the serious sticky material in the cylinder, the cylinder body is overloaded, resulting in frequent bursts of the tires, retaining rings, frequent shutdowns, and frequent shutdowns, resulting in the failure rate of the cylinder mixer equipment High, affecting the production capacity of the sintering machine. The customer decided to use wear-resistant ceramic lining plates to solve this problem through experiments, effect analysis and comparison of lining plates of various materials.

In the wear-resistant ceramic composite liner, the wear-resistant ceramic is made of alumina powder as the main raw material, rare metal oxides as the solvent, baked at high temperature, and then bonded with special rubber and high-strength and organic matter. High wear resistance and impact resistance, light weight, the wear-resistant ceramic composite liner is pasted on the polished inner wall of the cylinder with a heat-resistant organic adhesive

, It can reduce the load of the cylinder body, increase the service life of tire sets and other parts for more than 5 years, increase the effective diameter of the cylinder mixer, and improve the mixing and pelletizing ability. In addition, the wear-resistant ceramic composite liner has the characteristics of simple structure and convenient replacement.

The advantages of installing wear-resistant ceramic composite liners on the primary and secondary cylinder mixers are obvious. The following points are summarized:

1. Reduce equipment downtime and cleaning time, improve the efficiency of the sintering machine, and achieve the purpose of increasing production.

2. Reduce the consumption of spare parts and save the cost of spare parts;

3. It reduces the daily labor intensity of the production system before overhaul, no need to clean and excavate the mixer, and the maintenance workload of maintenance personnel is greatly reduced;

4. The service life of the wear-resistant ceramic composite liner is at least 5 times longer, saving replacement costs;

5. Light weight, thin thickness and non-sticky material, which not only reduces the load of the cylinder body and improves the efficiency of the equipment, but also increases the effective diameter of the cylinder and improves the mixing and granulation effect.

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