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Application of Alumina Grinding Ball in Kaolin Grinding Process

Kaolin is a silicate mineral. Due to its water-containing silicate chemical composition and layered structure characteristics, it has special properties that many half of the minerals do not possess. Kaolin is mainly used in papermaking, ceramics and refractory materials, followed by coatings, rubber fillers, enamel glazes and white cement raw materials, and a small amount is used in industrial sectors such as plastics, paints, pigments, grinding wheels, pencils, daily cosmetics, chemicals, and building materials.

Superfine pulverization is one of the main processing procedures of calcined kaolin. The calcined kaolin that has been superfinely pulverized by the wet method can produce high value-added products with a broad market. In the wet superfine grinding process, the main equipment is superfine stirring mill or ball mill. When the grinding equipment is set, one of the main factors affecting the grinding effect of kaolin is the grinding medium.

The working principle of kaolin ultra-fine grinding: the original kaolin enters the feeding bin through the grab machine, and after measuring, it is fed into the vertical ultra-fine grinding by the conveyor belt and fed into the spiral feeding device. The center moves to the edge. After the process of compaction, degassing, and grinding, the material is picked up by the hot air entering from the air ring at the edge of the grinding disc, and dried instantaneously, and the finer particles are taken to the powder concentrator for sorting.

The choice of alumina grinding balls in the grinding process is very important. Alumina grinding balls have the characteristics of high strength, high hardness, high whiteness, and low abrasion. The high specific gravity can greatly improve the efficiency of grinding, thereby better increasing the effectiveness of the ball mill. The volume achieves the effect of increasing the amount of grinding materials added. In addition, from the perspective of cost savings, alumina grinding balls have low wear, which can greatly increase the service life of the grinding balls and reduce the number of purchases and costs. The Mohs hardness of kaolin is 6, and the Mohs hardness of alumina grinding balls is 9. The high hardness and high whiteness can greatly improve the crushing efficiency and reduce the pollution of materials.

Alumina grinding balls have been widely used in kaolin grinding. Many customers are also consulting to measure its cost performance and various feasibility in this industry.

In terms of the size of the balls used, the fineness of incoming and outgoing materials is not particularly small. Customers generally use more balls with φ30-70, and there are also other special cases.

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 Alumina grinding columns are widely used in different types of ceramics, enamels, glass, chemicals, etc. 

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