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Can inert ceramic balls be reused?

The full name of the inert ceramic ball is the inert alumina ceramic ball. With its lazy chemical properties, it is not easy to chemically react with other substances when it is filled in the reactor. It also supports and covers the catalyst. Because it is a ceramic product, it is It can withstand repeated temperature differences of several hundred degrees in the reactor, and because its surface is spherical, it can evenly distribute when gas or liquid flows through it. Alumina refers to its chemical composition, two trioxide. aluminum.

Can inert ceramic balls be reused?

When many manufacturers unload the catalyst and ceramic balls from the reactor, they look at the ceramic balls as if they are good, and they will wonder whether the inert ceramic balls can be reused.

New use is not recommended for the following reasons:

From the surface appearance, it is difficult to determine the quality of the inert ceramic ball, especially the used ceramic ball. After continuous washing with several hundred degrees of temperature difference, it is not known whether the inert ceramic ball is cracked or not. If it is used rashly for a second time, Inside the reactor, cracking appeared to outweigh the gain.

How can I buy good quality inert ceramic balls (alumina ceramic balls)?

To buy a good inert ceramic ball, we can check from the following aspects.

1. The physical properties of the inert ceramic ball, which include the compressive strength of the inert ceramic ball, the temperature change resistance of the inert ceramic ball, the diameter of the inert ceramic ball, the surface color and smoothness, the water absorption rate and so on.

2. The chemical composition and characteristics of the inert ceramic ball, which includes the aluminum oxide content of the inert ceramic ball, as well as acid and alkali resistance.

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