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Tabular Alumina

We distribute white tabular alumina to our customers in the steel, foundry, glass, ceramic, cement, petrochemical, ceramic, cement, and refractory industries. With alumina corundum, they build and export bricks, sliding gates, porous plugs for steel ladles, furniture for ceramic kilns, filters in metal production, and others. white tabular alumina is a recrystallized sintered high density alpha alumina. It is composed of large (50-200 µm), flat shaped Alumina corundum crystals (tabular corundum).

The difference between sintered corundum and tabular alumina

1.Sintered alumina Sintered alumina is also called sintered corundum. It is a refractory clinker made of calcined alumina or industrial alumina powder as raw material, finely ground into balls or green bodies, and sintered at a high temperature of 1750-1900°C. Sintered alumina with a W(Al2O3) over 99% is mostly made of uniform fine-grained corundum directly […]

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Tabular corundum production process

As a large-scale important raw material of refractory materials, tabular corundum is produced by using a high-temperature shaft kiln to produce sintered tabular corundum, which is characterized by the following process steps. 1. Ball milling. Using Bayer process light-burned alumina powder as the raw material for continuous ball milling, the fineness and specific surface area

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The use of sintered tabular corundum in refractories

The properties of tabular corundum have many applications in the field of refractories. Mainly used in the steel industry. Tabular corundum is an ideal material containing 90% alumina for high alumina bricks and amorphous linings. Tabular corundum is suitable for ceramic, chemical and water-bound substrates. Plate corundum can be used alone and in combination, or

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