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Factors affecting the adsorption of alumina balls

Factors affecting the adsorption of alumina balls

1. The influence of arsenic:

Activated alumina has the effect of adsorbing arsenic in water. The accumulation of arsenic on the activated alumina spheres leads to a decrease in the adsorption capacity of fluoride ions, making it difficult to elute arsenic ions during regeneration.

2. Raw water alkalinity:

The high concentration of bicarbonate in raw water will reduce the adsorption capacity.

3. Initial fluorine concentration in raw water:

the higher the initial fluorine concentration, the greater the adsorption capacity, which is the main factor affecting the adsorption function of activated alumina balls.

4. Raw water ph value:

When the ph value is greater than 5, the lower the ph value, the stronger the adsorption capacity of activated alumina, which is the main factor affecting the adsorption function of activated alumina balls.

5. Particle size:

The smaller the particle size, the stronger the adsorption capacity, but the smaller the particle size, the lower the particle strength, which affects its service life.

6. Chloride ion and sulfate ion.

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