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How to solve the problem of alumina ball crushing

People in the grinding industry may know that the application of alumina balls has the problem of spheroid breakage. This problem has become an obstacle in the popularization of alumina ceramic balls. How can we solve this problem?

First of all, in the damage rate of alumina balls, in order to improve the material properties of ceramic balls, the damage rate of balls and balls is improved, and at the same time, the wear resistance and impact resistance of the alumina ball grinding process are reduced. Sliding impact and conflict can improve performance.

In addition, two methods of aluminum ball press forming and roll press forming are also controlled. By enhancing the compactness and impact resistance of the alumina crimp ball as much as possible, the damage rate can be effectively reduced.

Finally, the grinding is carried out according to the standard process of alumina ball, adding materials first, and then adding alumina ball to reduce the impact force and protect the alumina ball.

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 Alumina grinding columns are widely used in different types of ceramics, enamels, glass, chemicals, etc. 

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