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Why inert alumina balls can’t be reused

After three years of use, we want to replace it, and then can it be used again? If it can’t be used, why?

1. If the catalyst is replaced after three years of trial use, we recommend that the inert ceramic balls be replaced at the same time, especially in the heavy corrosion industry, and the replacement should be more frequent.

2. The inert ceramic ball has been exposed to high temperatures for a long time, and it looks good from the surface. In fact, its quality is very poor, especially its compressive strength. If the inert ceramic ball is crushed during reuse, it will affect To the entire production.

You can also understand that other ceramic balls can be reused related content

The role of inert ceramic balls

First, it plays the role of supporting or covering the catalyst

Second, it forms a certain resistance, which is beneficial to the gas and obtains a fully uniform reaction in the reactor.

Third, the temperature difference is reduced, and the outlet gas temperature is relatively stable, which is beneficial to the temperature adjustment of the tower.

What is the difference in the use of porcelain balls with different diameters?

The diameter of the inert ceramic ball is different, and its application is also different. It can support or protect and isolate. The value of different sizes should ensure that the gap between the main bodies reduces the pressure drop of the process sheet so that the gas is more evenly distributed and prevents Bias current occurs.

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