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Is the ceramic lining ceramic sheet easy to fall off?

There are many types of wear-resistant ceramic pipes. SMD type wear-resistant ceramic pipes and spot-welded card type wear-resistant ceramic pipes use special methods to fix wear-resistant ceramic pieces inside the pipe. Ceramic pieces will be encountered in extreme environments. The phenomenon of falling off, while the one-piece wear-resistant ceramic tube and the self-spreading centrifugal cast wear-resistant ceramic tube are both the wear-resistant ceramic sheet directly cast on the steel pipe, and there is basically no falling off problem.

SMD type and spot welding card type wear-resistant ceramic pipes must use glue to fix the ceramic sheet and steel pipe together. Under high temperature environments, the viscosity of the glue will quickly decrease or even disappear, which is the main reason for the ceramic sheet to fall off.

In order to solve this problem, we replaced the traditional viscose with a high-temperature-resistant inorganic adhesive. The temperature-resistant capacity was increased from 350°C to 750°C, which effectively reduced the occurrence of ceramic sheets falling off.

On the basis of adhesive fixation, spot welding clamp-type wear resistant ceramic pipes also use spot welding to weld the ceramic sheet to the inner wall of the steel pipe. In order to protect the welding joints, a special ceramic cap is also configured. The 360° mechanical self-locking structure is also adopted between the ceramic plates, which greatly increases the firmness.

Nowadays, wear-resistant ceramic tubes have very few cases of ceramic chips falling off, but the viscous viscosity will drop rapidly above 750°C, and the brittleness of ceramics above 1000°C will increase rapidly, which will increase the probability of ceramic chips falling off. Therefore, when choosing a wear-resistant ceramic tube, we must fully consider the operating conditions, temperature and medium, choose the appropriate brand, model, and installation method, and check it regularly.

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