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Judge the quality of alumina wear-resistant ceramic liner

With the continuous development of society, alumina wear-resistant ceramic liners have been widely used in various fields, so how do consumers judge the quality of alumina wear-resistant ceramic liners when purchasing wear-resistant ceramic liners?

Alumina wear-resistant ceramic liner is a new ceramic chemical material with low wear, high specific gravity, and high hardness. It is mainly made of alumina (AL2O3) and is sintered at a high temperature of 1700°C. It is widely used in thermal power plants and steel, chemicals, cement, and other industries, it is used on all mechanical equipment with heavy wear such as coal conveying, material conveying, pulverizing, ash discharge, dust removal system, etc. Products of different purity (defined by alumina content) can be selected according to different needs.

Alumina wear-resistant ceramics are numerous in the market. When customers choose wear-resistant ceramics, they will encounter various problems. Engaged in the alumina wear-resistant ceramic industry for many years, serving many customers and meeting the various needs of different customers. Based on long-term experience, an effective method for testing alumina wear-resistant ceramic liners is introduced, as shown below:

Observe carefully.

In other words, carefully observe the surface details of the ceramic liner. High-quality alumina wear-resistant ceramic lining board, uniform color, smooth surface, no roughness, no black spots. In addition, the plug on the welded wear-resistant ceramic liner must be consistent with the inner hole of the liner without any gap.

Measurement tolerance.

Vernier calipers can be used to measure the length and width of alumina wear-resistant ceramic liners, but the shrinkage characteristics of ceramics should also be considered when measuring, and there will be certain tolerances.

Measure the density.

It is recommended to use the drainage method to measure the density of the alumina wear-resistant ceramic liner.

Abrasion resistance test.

The commonly used test method is to use a sandblasting machine with a pressure of 4.0kg/cm3, a distance of 50mm, a spray angle of 45 degrees, and a time of 60 minutes, and then measure the degree of wear.

Hardness test.

Test HV50 or HV20. The hardness test of the lining board can be carried out according to the specified method.

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 Alumina grinding columns are widely used in different types of ceramics, enamels, glass, chemicals, etc. 

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