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Pasting wear-resistant ceramic lining can increase the service life of fan impeller

Wear-resistant ceramic fan impeller refers to the paste AL2O3 ceramic sheet at the outlet of the fan impeller, the connection part of the blade and the rear disc to improve the wear resistance. On the basis of traditional fan manufacturing technology, using the technology of pasting wear-resistant ceramic linings, a surface layer with excellent wear resistance is formed on the main working surface of the fan equipment, which can increase the wear resistance of the fan impeller by more than three times. The efficiency is increased by about 10-30%.

The wear-resistant ceramic fan impeller is suitable for thermal power plant diversion, powder discharge machine, thermal plant, coking plant, cement plant, steel plant blast furnace fan, sintering fan, circulating fan and other working conditions for transporting hard particles and corrosive media

Performance characteristics: 1. High hardness and wear resistance, improve service life: due to the hardness of the wear-resistant ceramic sheet on the working surface of the fan impeller HRA80-88 (92%-95% porcelain), its resistance to particle erosion and wear is sprayed spray welding and alloy powder block It is more than 5 times higher than conventional processing methods such as shaped welding, and more than 100 times higher than the base 16Mn steel.

Safe and reliable operation and high efficiency: According to different ceramic construction techniques, the temperature resistance can reach up to 450 ℃. Moreover, the wear-resistant ceramic lining has good toughness and can adapt to high temperature and vibration conditions. It can run for more than 7 years under the working condition of 90-160℃. There are very few accidents of unplanned shutdown of the fan due to the loss of ceramics. There is no need to consider the problem of wear, especially the weight of the fan impeller is greatly reduced, which greatly improves the operating efficiency of the fan, reduces the maintenance and repair time, and improves the economic benefit.

Maintenance is simple and convenient: the construction is simple, and it can quickly and timely repair the abnormal ceramic shedding and abnormal local wear during the operation. At the same time, it will not input heat to the impeller, prevent the impeller from deforming, and ensure that the impeller and accessories are put into operation in time.

Service life: The service life of the wear-resistant ceramic fan impeller is related to the size, concentration, speed and scouring angle of the dust particles. The smaller the particle, the lower the concentration, the lower the scouring speed and the smaller the scouring angle, and the service life of the wear-resistant fan impeller is Longer

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