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Self-burning high-temperature clutch synthesis method for manufacturing ceramic elbow

The wear of industrial elbows has always been a factor affecting safe and civilized production. With the continuous development of science and technology, materials have also been innovated, and materials such as cast stone, cast steel, and alloys have appeared one after another. Among them, the pipeline lining alumina ceramics has become a widely used wear-resistant material due to its high wear resistance, high hardness, oxidation resistance, good corrosion resistance and high resistance to high and low temperature strength. It has become a widely used wear-resistant material and occupies the world’s market share of special ceramics. (Wear-resistant material) about 80%.

Wear-resistant ceramic elbow, is manufactured by high-tech manufacturing process-self-burning high-temperature clutch synthesis method. The tube is composed of three layers of corundum ceramic, transition layer and steel from the inside to the outside. The ceramic layer forms dense corundum porcelain (AL2O3) at a high temperature above 2200℃, and forms a firm bond with the steel pipe through the transition layer. The composite pipe fully utilizes the steel pipe’s high strength, good toughness, impact resistance, good welding performance and high hardness, high wear resistance, corrosion resistance and heat resistance of corundum porcelain, which overcomes the low hardness of the steel pipe, poor wear resistance and poor ceramic toughness. specialty. The ceramic composite pipe with good wear resistance is made of corundum ceramics (a-AL2O3), the Mohs hardness can reach 9.0, which is equivalent to above HRC85. Therefore, it has high wear resistance to the abrasive media transported by metallurgy, electric power, mining, coal and other industries.

Proved by industrial operation: its wear-resistant life is ten times or even dozens of times that of quenched steel. SHS ceramic composite pipe with low running resistance, because the inner surface is smooth and never corroded, it is not like the convex spiral line on the inner surface of seamless steel pipe. The internal surface roughness and clear water resistance characteristics of the relevant testing units have been tested, and the internal surface smoothness is better than that of any metal pipeline, and the clearing resistance coefficient is 0.0193, which is slightly lower than that of seamless pipes. Therefore, the tube has the characteristics of low running resistance, which can reduce the running cost. Corrosion resistance and anti-scaling Because the steel ceramic layer is (a-AL2O3), it is a neutral characteristic. Therefore, it has acid and alkali resistance and seawater corrosion resistance, and at the same time has anti-scaling properties.

The temperature resistance is due to the corundum ceramic (a-AL2O3), which is a single stable crystalline structure. Therefore, the composite pipe can operate normally in the temperature range of -50-700℃ for a long time. The coefficient of linear expansion of the material is 6-8×10-6/0C, which is about 1/2 of that of the steel pipe. The material has good thermal stability. Low engineering cost The ceramic composite pipe is light in weight and reasonable in price. It is 50% lighter than the cast stone pipe of the same inner diameter; 20-30% lighter than the wear-resistant alloy pipe, and has good wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Because of the long service life, the support and hanger costs, handling costs, installation costs and Operating costs are reduced. Comparing the project budget and the actual project by the relevant design institutes and construction units, the project cost of the pipe is equivalent to that of cast stone. Compared with the wear-resistant alloy pipe, the project cost is reduced by about 20% . The installation and construction are convenient because the tube is light in weight and has good welding performance. Therefore, welding, flange, quick connection, etc. can be used, which is convenient for construction and installation and can reduce installation costs.

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