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The advantages of wear-resistant elbows you must know

Pipes are indispensable production equipment for enterprises, and they can be seen everywhere in some mines, power plants, and cement plants. Under normal circumstances, these companies have undertaken the task of transporting production materials for pipelines. These production materials have a very large abrasion on the pipelines, which requires the pipelines to have strong wear resistance. The wear-resistant elbow made now has greatly improved wear-resistant performance, and many companies have used it as a substitute for ordinary pipes.

Wear-resistant elbow Mainly include wear-resistant elbows, straight pipes, tees, small and Used in material conveying pipelines such as pneumatic and pumping slurry. Because the conveying medium has the characteristics of high hardness, fast flow rate and large flow rate, it can effectively reduce the long-term continuous impact, wear and corrosion of the conveying medium on the pipe wall, which will cause the pipeline to fatigue and gradually wear through. Wear-resistant elbows have spread throughout the industries of electric power, metallurgy, coal, petroleum, chemical industry, building materials, machinery, etc., and are developing rapidly. When materials with high abrasiveness are conveyed in the wear-resistant elbow (such as ash, coal powder, slag powder, tailings, cement, etc.), there is a problem of rapid wear of the wear-resistant elbow, especially the wear of the elbow Faster.

When a strong corrosive gas, liquid or solid is transported in the wear-resistant elbow, there is a problem that the wear-resistant elbow is corroded and quickly destroyed. When transporting materials with higher temperature in the wear-resistant elbow, there is a problem that the use of heat-resistant steel pipes is very expensive. After the wear-resistant elbow is on the market, these problems are all solved. Wear-resistant elbows are widely used in the transportation of severely worn mine fillers, ore concentrates and tailings. Wear-resistant elbows such as powder feeding, slag removal and ash conveying in coal-fired thermal power plants are also very suitable. The wear-resistant elbow is an ideal wear-resistant elbow for transporting strongly corrosive acid, alkali, salt, and solid and liquid with both abrasion. The wear-resistant elbow is very safe and reliable to use in high temperature corrosion, high temperature wear or high temperature corrosion.

Nowadays, the modernization of enterprises is very high, and they are generally produced in assembly line. This shows the advantages of wear-resistant elbows. It is not only safe to use and long working life, but also saves a lot of expenses for enterprises. Now many factories have completed the production of resistant elbows. The grinding elbow replaces the work of ordinary pipes, making wear-resistant ceramic pipes, alloy wear-resistant elbows, organic wear-resistant elbows, non-standard wear-resistant pipe fittings and other series of multi-specification wear-resistant pipe fittings and wear-resistant elbow products, and have Pipeline engineering design, pipe measurement, pipe installation capabilities, provide you with pipes and pipe fittings that meet your actual needs for you to choose, and conduct pipe design and pipe construction guidance, and have rich experience in the application of wear-resistant elbows.

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