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The cylinder of the medium-speed coal mill is lined with wear-resistant ceramics, which can resist abrasion and impact

The medium-speed coal mill refers to a coal mill with a working speed of 50-300r/min. It is a professional equipment for the preparation of blast furnace ironmaking auxiliary materials. The medium-speed coal mill can provide suitable auxiliary material-coal powder for the blast furnace ironmaking system. The medium-speed coal mill is the most important large-scale equipment in the coal-to-liquid pulverizing system. Its operational safety and economy are very important to the normal operation of the coal-to-liquid. Generally, the outlet temperature of the medium-speed coal mill is controlled at 100 to 120 degrees Celsius.

The material processed by the medium-speed mill barrel is particles of various sizes and hardnesses. These materials move inside the medium-speed mill, constantly causing friction, scouring and impact on various parts of the medium-speed mill. It is inevitable. The reasons for the wear of the medium-speed mill barrel are complicated. There are abrasive wear caused by the sliding of coarse-grained materials, wind erosion caused by high-speed scouring of high-concentration dust-containing gas, and coarse-grained materials or even crushed by the mill. Impact wear caused by high-speed impact of abrasive bodies and other foreign objects.

The wear-resistant ceramic sheet of the coal mill cylinder is used to protect the cylinder from the direct impact and friction of the grinding body and the material. At the same time, different forms of liner can be used to adjust the movement state of the grinding body to enhance the grinding. The crushing effect of the body on the material helps to improve the grinding efficiency of the mill, increase the output and reduce the metal consumption. Conventional coal mill lining plate types include wear-resistant ceramic patches and wear-resistant ceramic welded plates. Especially in the area within 2 meters above the grinding disc, not only the erosion is serious, but also there is impact of large particles. The traditional anti-wear treatment can not achieve good results. The cemented wear-resistant ceramic liner can be installed in the area 2 meters above the grinding disc. The product is made of a unique process and has the characteristics of high hardness and high toughness. Screw double fixation, especially suitable for use in places where the temperature is high and there is a certain impact.

There are two optional assembly methods for the wear-resistant ceramic sheet of the coal mill cylinder: one is to install on-site, which requires the cylinder to be relatively flat without unevenness; the other is to install the ceramic on the curved steel plate in the factory And then welded to the wall of the cylinder. At the bottom of the cylinder of the medium-speed coal mill, the impact of the coarse particles splashed out by the squeeze of the grinding roller and the erosion of the high-temperature and high-concentration powder closest to the static ring are very serious. For the 500mm-1500mm high area at the bottom of the grinding cylinder, the composite wear-resistant ceramic liner is used for the operating conditions of large material particles, high temperature, fast wind speed, large abrasion, and large impact. Fixing the ceramics to the curved steel plate, the ceramic spacing is zero, the inner wall is smooth, and the service life is about 10 times longer.

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