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Wear-resistant ceramic lining can solve the problem of anti-wearing of blast furnace feeding trolley in steel plant

During the production of the blast furnace, iron ore, coke, and flux (limestone) for slag-making are loaded from the top of the blast furnace. The loading trolley plays an important role as the main means of transportation. Since most of the ore and coke loaded in the car have sharp edges The sharp edges and corners cause serious wear and tear on the liner of the feeder truck. At the same time, due to the heavy weight of the feeder truck, the heavy load of the steel wire rope and the reducer, it is easy to malfunction and cause major economic losses. Therefore, to improve the service life of the feeder truck, it is necessary to solve the problems of erosion resistance, abrasion resistance and the weight of the feeder truck. Through comparison experiments of multiple companies, the wear-resistant ceramic liner has a good effect.

The wear-resistant ceramic liner is made of aluminum oxide as the main raw material, rare metal oxides as the flux, and is sintered at a high temperature of 1700℃ and then combined with special rubber and high-strength organic binders. Wear-resistant ceramics can also be used alone. The lining board serves as the inner lining. The wear-resistant ceramic liner has high hardness, Rockwell hardness is 80-90, which is harder than minerals such as ore, coal ash and slag; strong wear resistance, wear resistance equivalent to 266 times that of steel plate, low density, easy to process, and rubber Vulcanized together can be cut, can be twisted and assembled, and is not limited by the shape, size and installation location of the equipment.

The wear-resistant ceramic liner can only be operated in accordance with the strict bonding process to achieve the effect of the ceramic sheet being firm and not falling off. First, use a sandblasting gun, a corner machine or a wire brush to clean the surface to be bonded to make it appear metallic. The rougher the cleaner, the better the sticking effect; then use alcohol to clean the surface to be glued to remove oil stains on the surface; mix the adhesive evenly in a certain proportion, apply it to the surface to be glued, and then paste the wear-resistant ceramic liners one by one, using a rubber hammer Beat to bring it into close contact.

After using the wear-resistant ceramic liner, the weight of the blast furnace feeding trolley is reduced, which reduces the load of the main winding motor and the reducer, and also reduces the wear of the steel wire rope and track, creating benefits from both the steel wire rope and the profit of iron production.

The wear-resistant ceramic lining is used as the lining of the blast furnace charging car, which reduces the wear of the equipment, improves the reliability of the blast furnace charging equipment, and ensures the stable and high output of the blast furnace.

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