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What is the function of activated alumina balls?

What is activated alumina ball? Activated alumina ball is a kind of alumina ball. It is a kind of chemical material. Its main component is alumina, and the appearance is white spherical particles. Activated alumina ball has a wide range of uses. To the most suitable customers

1. Introduction of activated alumina ball

Activated alumina balls are white spherical particles, which are aluminum hydroxide produced by the aluminum treatment method, and then ground and finely processed into balls. The balls are sintered at a high temperature in a kiln to make activated alumina balls or other types of activated alumina series. product. Activated alumina aluminum balls have adsorption performance, fluorine removal performance, drying performance, surface activity, etc., and are widely used as household desiccants and catalysts and catalyst carriers for chemical reactions.

2. Activated alumina ball properties

Activated alumina ball is a kind of porous, high-dispersion solid material, uniform particle size, smooth surface, large surface area, high mechanical strength, strong hygroscopicity, after absorbing water, it will not expand, crack, deform and maintain its original state. It is toxic, odorless, insoluble in water and ethanol, and has a strong adsorption of fluorine. It is mainly used for the removal of fluoride in drinking water in high-fluorine areas.

3. Purpose of activated alumina ball

Activated alumina balls can be used as catalysts, catalyst carriers, desiccants, adsorbents for gas purification, fluoride removal agents for drinking water, color and odor eliminators for industrial sewage, etc. It has a strong affinity for water, oxides, acetic acid, alkali, etc. It is a desiccant for deep drying of trace water. It is used in petrochemical industry, fertilizer industry, modern water purification industry, industrial gas and liquid, hydrogen peroxide plant and other places.

4. Detailed usage description

Activated alumina balls have the characteristics of not being soft, swelling, and not pulverizing when immersed in water, so they are widely used in gas and liquid phase drying in petrochemical industry, textile industry, oxygen industry and automatic instrument wind drying. Permanent gases such as air, oxygen, nitrogen, smelting gas and petroleum cracking gas are also a desiccant for deep drying of trace water

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