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Inert ceramic ball filling process and matters needing attention

Inert ceramic ball preparation:

(1) Clean up all the dust and debris in the tower before filling the inert ceramic balls.

(2) In accordance with the filling drawings, mark the filling height lines of the ceramic balls and the catalyst inside the tower.

(3) For large-scale projects, cranes, cranes and other necessary machinery should be prepared.

(4) The staff who participate in the filling of ceramic balls must have a clear division of labor, full-time and full-time responsibility, so as not to cause confusion.

(5) Check whether the ceramic balls and catalyst are consistent with the requirements for filling ceramic balls.

construction process:

(1) When loading the most difficult layer in the tower, pay attention not to cause damage to other systems in the tower. After the first layer is installed, it is required to use tools to evenly spread the layer to ensure that the surface of the layer is on the same horizontal line. .

(2) After finishing the installation of the worst layer, the panel on which the construction personnel will install the second layer should be laid to avoid horizontal movement of the ceramic sphere when the worker stands directly on the ceramic sphere.

(3) The thickness of each layer of ceramic balls should be accurate and uniform. Scrape the surface with a spade or scraper, and the height should be consistent with the level of the paving height mark.


(1) In order to facilitate the operation of the staff, the low-voltage lighting should be connected to the inside of the tower.

(2) Before the operation, the staff should take off the easy-to-fall items carried with them, and wear professional work clothes and take other safety measures.

(3) The construction must be strictly in accordance with the construction drawings of the ceramic ball filling, and the construction must be reviewed after the construction is completed.

(4) One or two operators enter the lower head from the lower manhole of the synthesis tower, and fill the bottom of the synthesis tower with ceramic balls to the filling height line of the ceramic balls, and flatten them with a picking tool.

(5) Measure the height of the remaining space, calculate the volume of the remaining space and the amount of ceramic balls required.

(6) After the final installation is completed, carefully review the entire construction situation.

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