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High Alumina ceramic lining Bricks

Alumina Ceramic Lining Bricks have a positive impact on the grinding process and production costs, and they’re good for the environment as they lessen the usage of power and pollution. High Alumina Ceramic grinding bricks is the grinding body of ball mill, vibrating mill, pot mill and other fine grinding equipment. The grinding efficiency and wear resistance of the Alumina bricks are much better than mullite and natural stone. Alumina lining bricks is widely used in building ceramics, industrial ceramics, and electronics Ceramics, daily-use ceramics, metallurgical, chemical, pharmaceutical, printing ink, and other production industries

What is High Alumina Lining Bricks

High Alumina Bricks are classified into three categories according to their shape: rectangular bricks, trapezoidal bricks, and irregular bricks. All of them are hard, dense, neat, and durable. Alumina grinding bricks have high mechanical strength and superb anti-corrosion properties. High alumina lining bricks are also called 92 ceramic lining bricks, ball mill high alumina lining, microcrystalline wear-resistant high alumina ceramic lining bricks, molded by two-way hydraulic press, and sintered in the high-temperature natural gas kiln.

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 alumina ceramic lining bricks

high Alumina ceramic Bricks applications

Utilized in industries such as pharmaceutics, cement, paint/pigments, chemicals, and coating, ceramic alumina lining bricks have a positive impact on the grinding process and production costs, and they’re good for the environment as they lessen the usage of power and pollution.  

The main component of high alumina grinding bricks is Al2O3, which is a kind of refractory material. When the Al2O3 content of high alumina brick (Ceramic Alumina lining bricks) exceeds 90%, it is called corundum bricks.

Our firm produces Ceramic Alumina bricks of any category on demand, whether you want to use them as the wear-resistant inner lining of pipes and ball mills in the ceramic industry (one of the best options for ball mill lining), or to improve grinding efficiency in any other industry (medicine, coating, paint, cement, etc.).

high Alumina grinding Bricks advaNtages

With alumina ceramic lining bricks, grinding ball mills can be safe and sound for a long time —no routine maintenance required.

The chemical composition (92% alumina) and physical properties of the high ceramic Alumina bricks allow them to resist the impact on pipe walls and resist wear 266 times more effectively than manganese steel, without contaminating the ground material. Alumina grinding bricks are also unaffected by acid and alkali.

Wear-resistant ceramic alumina lining bricks is a product used for the wear-resistant lining of ball mills, which is widely used in ceramics, cement, paint, pigment, chemical, pharmaceutical, coating and other industries.

  • High Mechanical Strength
  • excellent abrasion
  • Excellent impact resistance 
  • Corrosion and chemical resistance 
  • Lightweight 

high Alumina ceramic Lining Bricks specification

Alumina lining bricks products have the characteristics of high hardness, high density, low abrasion, good regularity, and corrosion resistance. Alumina bricks are used for wear-resistant linings of ball mills. Wear resistant Alumina ceramic lining bricks can increase the service life of ball mill linings. Alumina grinding bricks can increase grinding space, grinding efficiency, raising output by 30%-50% and reduce grinding time. 

Al2O3 (%)≧92≧95
BulK DENSITY (g/cm3)≧3.60≧3.65
Hardness (mohs)99
Wear Loss (%)≦0.01≦0.01
Rectangle Bricks
H (mm)405060708090120
Half Rectangle Bricks
H (mm)405060708090120
Trapezoid Bricks
H (mm)405060708090120
Half Trapezoid Bricks
H (mm)405060708090120
Flake Bricks
H (mm)405060708090120

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Questions and answers about Alumina grinding bricks application solutions

Welcome to inquire and purchase our from 92% to 95% ceramic grinding bricks. High-quality alumina grinding bricks are the best companion for ball mills, which can save you 15%-30% of the cost.

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