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Alumina Ceramic Powder

Alpha Actived Calcined Alumina Powder ( Aluminum oxide ceramic powder) is mainly used in refractories, fine ceramics, abrasives, etc. High-purity alumina ceramic powder is generally used to prepare artificial crystals, transparent alumina, precision electronic components, etc. Calcined aluminum hydroxide has strong adsorption and catalytic activity and can be used as adsorbent and catalyst.

ALPHA Alumina ceramic powder china factory wholesale price
ALPHA Alumina ceramic powder china factory wholesale price

Handling of alumina ceramic powder should consider dust control measures to minimize respiratory exposure. Environmentally, alumina ceramic powder is inert and non-toxic, posing minimal environmental impact when managed and disposed of responsibly.

Alumina ceramic powder is available in various forms including fine powders, nanopowders, and spray-dried granules. Different grades are tailored to specific applications, offering precise control over properties such as particle size, purity, and sinterability.

Alumina ceramic powder finds widespread applications in industries such as electronics, aerospace, automotive, and biomedical sectors. It is used for manufacturing components like electronic substrates, wear-resistant coatings, cutting tools, and biomedical implants.

Alumina ceramic powder offers superior hardness, thermal stability, and corrosion resistance compared to traditional ceramics, metals, and polymers. It is favored for its ability to enhance the mechanical and thermal properties of materials in various industrial applications.

Alumina ceramic powder is primarily used for manufacturing high-performance ceramics, coatings, and advanced materials. It is produced through the calcination and milling of high-purity alumina or alumina precursor materials to achieve finely powdered particles with controlled particle size distributions.

WHAT IS High purity Alumina Powder

High Alumina powder (Aluminum oxide powder) is a ceramic material that’s very good at supporting thermal shocks and transferring heat while not being expanded by it. These properties make it a great candidate for furnace use (mostly crucible, tube, and thermocouple sheath forms).

We create alumina ceramic powder by grinding and processing low sodium alumina ceramic powder that’s been previously calcined during variable intervals, according to the physicochemical properties that we want to obtain at the end of the procedure.

Aluminum oxide powder contains high-quality alumina ceramic (chemical formula Al2O3). It’s hard and wear-resistant, perfect for the fabrication of piston pumps, ball valves, and deep drawing tools. But while all alumina ceramic powders may look very similar, they can have vast differences in their hardness and granulometry evaluations. You’ll be handed the alumina powder that’s best for your application, including sintering, filling, and polishing powders, and/or powders that avoid sticking parts during heat treatments.

The production process of activated alumina powder is getting higher and higher, and it is already possible to produce aluminum oxide powder below 1 micron. Alumina ceramic powder is a white ultrafine powder, inorganic oxide.

alpha alumina ceramic powder applications

Aluminum oxide powder has the characteristics of high purity, high whiteness, large true specific gravity, good thermal stability, uniform particle size distribution and good fluidity.The Applications of the alpha alumina ceramic powder encompass architectural and structural ceramics, electronic devices, refractory and wear-resistant materials, polishing materials, etc. More applications can be enabled if our calcined alumina powder are combined with metals or other ceramic elements via brazing and metalizing techniques. In any way, you’ll get the same optimal sintering performance, stable linear shrinkage, and narrow particle size distribution.

Activated Alumina powder are also ideal for abrasive and blasting applications, lapping and polishing compounds, precision optics and acrylic lenses, silicon wafers, metallographic sections, gemstones, and more.

  • Abrasive applications, blasting applications, lapping & polishing compounds, and fillers
  • Ceramic injection molding
  • refractories, refractory binder 
  • High-alumina ceramic
  • High-alumina glaze 
  • glass 
  • polishing materials 
  • Precision Optics
  • Metallographic Sections
  • Electro-Optical Crystals
  • Silicone Wafers
  • Ferrite Components
  • Gem Stones
  • Acrylic lenses
High-temperature calcined alumina ceramic powder uses industrial aluminum hydroxide or industrial alumina as raw materials, and is calcined at appropriate temperature to form alpha alumina ceramic products with stable crystal form; using calcined alpha alumina as raw materials, it is made by ball milling Of aluminum oxide powder..

high alumina powder advaNtages

Alumina Ceramic powder have fantastic mechanical strength, hardness, and thermal conductivity with higher melting points. We offer them as sintered pieces, single crystals, tumbling media ((1-1/2″ x 2″ down to 24 x 240 mesh), hollow bubbles, coarse grit, and naturally, fine powders in colloidal dispersion and nanoparticles.

As an industrial chemical raw material, calcined alumina powder has a main chemical composition of Al2O3, which is widely used in global industrial production. According to the production process, composition content, and particle size of the aluminum oxide powder, there are different applications. According to the classification of the applications, the alumina ceramic powder is mainly divided into: activated alumina powder, calcined alpha alumina ceramic powder, nano Aluminum oxide powder, and electrical alumina ceramic powder.

  • chemical corrosion resistance;
  • high purity alumina, alumina ceramic content is more than 99%;
  • high-temperature resistance, normal use at 1600℃, short-term 1800℃;
  • Resistant to sudden cooling and sudden heat, not easy to crack;
  • the use of grouting molding, high density.

Aluminum oxide powder (high alumina ceramic powder) Chemical Composition & Physical Property

ModelChemical compositionα-AI2O3Density (g/cm3)Particle Size
Al2O3 (%)SiO2 (%)Na2O (%)Fe2O3 (%)LOL (%)D50  (μm)325 Mesh

Customized: Particle size can be prepared according to customer’s requirement.
Package: 50kgs/bag, 1000Kgs/jumbo bag, or as customer’s requirement. 
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Alumina powder is an abrasive made of industrial aluminum hydroxide powder as raw material, heated and melted and recrystallized in an electric arc furnace. The content of A12O3 in alpha alumina powder should be above 99.5%, and its hardness is higher than that of high-temperature aluminum oxide powder, but it is more brittle.ceramic

Questions and answers about Alumina powder application solutions

Welcome to inquire and purchase our 99.3% Alumina powder, which is widely used in ceramic glaze, electronic equipment, structural ceramics, refractory materials, wear-resistant materials, polishing materials, etc.

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