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Classification and selection of binders for high alumina lining bricks

High alumina lining bricks

1. There are two types of the binder: 325# white cement and epoxy resin glue.

2. White cement is an inorganic material binder, high-temperature resistance, no aging, long service life, low cost, simple and convenient construction. Generally, wet grinding ball mills are used, and 325# white cement is often used as a binder for mixing mills. . The disadvantage is that when grinding high-purity materials, a small amount of abraded cement will be mixed into the materials to form impurities, which are not easy to remove. Generally, epoxy resin glue is used as a binder for grinding high-purity materials.

3. Unlike cement, a small amount of epoxy resin ground into the material will volatilize after heating, and no new impurities will be formed. Epoxy resin glue is elastic, and in a faster-running mill, it will cushion the impact of the ball on the lining brick to a certain extent, and protect the lining brick. The bonding ability of epoxy resin glue is stronger than that of cement, and epoxy resin glue is usually used in dry grinding mills and vibration mills. Compared with cement, epoxy resin glue is easy to age, the use temperature generally cannot exceed 150 degrees Celsius, the cost is high, and the construction is difficult.

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