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Influence of alumina powder quality on energy consumption of white corundum smelting

White corundum is one of the more commonly used abrasives on the market. Its main chemical composition is AL2O3. According to the content of alumina powder, it can be divided into multiple grades such as first and second grades. In recent years, white corundum tools have become hard and brittle materials. The promotion in the field of semi-precision and precision grinding is suitable for the surface beautification of various high-end products, crafts or hardware. After sandblasting, the surface is white without any impurities, eliminating the trouble of cleaning. Fine-sized white corundum can be used as the first for polishing and grinding, and white corundum wa sand is a very important abrasive product in the polishing and grinding industry. The hardness of white corundum sand is higher than that of brown corundum, with stronger cutting ability, good chemical stability, and Very good insulation performance, mainly used in the production of fixed abrasive tools, coated abrasive tools, wet sandblasting and dry sandblasting, ultra-fine grinding and polishing operations in the electronics industry, and high-grade refractory materials. At the same time, the white corundum WA sand powder can also be used in the fields of contact media, insulators and precision casting. As the main raw material of white corundum, the quality of bauxite has a significant impact on the energy consumption of white corundum smelting.

Bauxite is also called bauxite or bauxite. The main component is alumina powder. It is a kind of earthy mineral, white or off-white, brownish yellow or light red due to iron content. Alumina powder is brown corundum. The main ingredient in the smelting and production process of white corundum, therefore, the selection of raw material sources and the quality control of raw materials are crucial, because the selection of raw materials determines the quality, performance and scope of use of its products to a certain extent. The main raw material for smelting brown corundum and white corundum is light-fired bauxite. Light-fired bauxite is lightly roasted at 1000~1200℃ to improve its grade and reduce energy consumption. An experiment has done a process comparison between roasted and unfired bauxite, and the result is that it can reduce H 5 per unit energy consumption by 14% to 18% after roasting. China’s bauxite is high-silicon and low-iron bauxite. The higher the aluminum-silicon ratio, the higher its grade. The technical and economic indicators of brown corundum smelting largely depend on the quality of the main raw material bauxite, namely The higher the grade, the better the technical and economic indicators of brown fused alumina and white fused alumina. Brown fused alumina and white fused alumina are products with high energy consumption. Energy saving is especially important for the production of brown fused alumina and white fused alumina. The quality of bauxite determines the level of energy consumption.

The higher the grade of bauxite, the better, the smelting process is easy to master, the furnace condition is stable, the hourly output is high, the unit power consumption is low, and the consumption of raw materials is also less; the higher the content of alumina impurity SiO2, the better the furnace condition during smelting. Complexity, high unit power consumption and low output, may even cause difficulties in magnetic separation of corundum processing. It can be inferred from this that, with the lack of high-quality bauxite resources in China and the continuous decrease of bauxite grades, not only the cost and energy consumption of brown corundum smelting will increase, but also the smelting process will be more difficult to control, and the resulting The economic indicators of the products have deteriorated, the quality of the products is unstable, and the market competitiveness is bound to decline.

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