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Alumina ball detection method

Alumina ball detection method

Diameter size detection and measurement:

use a vernier caliper to measure the average value from different angles. The maximum allowable range of dimensional deviation is within ±3mm, and it is judged to be a qualified product.

Visual inspection:

no obvious dents, cracks, etc. were found, and all were qualified.

Water absorption rate test:

conduct sampling inspection for each batch of each kiln. After the finished alumina high alumina ball is completely dried, the ball is completely immersed in boiling water, heated continuously for more than 4 hours, and taken out to measure its water absorption. Exceeding the range specified by the standard is regarded as waste.

Wear detection method:

Take 10kg alumina high-alumina balls, put them into a small mill, and continuously grind with 8kg water for 48 hours. Wear amount (per hour) = added amount of spherulites-amount after grinding × amount added × running time × 100 %.

Alumina content detection uses spectrophotometry to analyze all elements, minus the impurity content and the loss on ignition, and what remains is the purity content of the alumina.

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