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Wear-resistant ceramic elbow solves difficult problems

Equipment wear and tear is a thorny problem that has plagued industrial enterprises for a long time, and directly affects the economic benefits of the enterprise and the on-site working environment. Traditional anti-wear technologies mostly use materials such as wear-resistant steel. With the development of new materials and transportation technology, they are gradually replaced by new wear-resistant materials such as special ceramics. Since our company independently developed wear-resistant ceramic elbows and liners, we have been committed to the production and research of this project. At present, various performance indicators have reached an international level. The products have been sold to more than 400 customers in more than 30 provinces and cities, and are widely distributed in severely worn industries such as thermal power, steel, smelting, cement, machinery, coal, mining, chemicals, ports and wharfs.

1. Product structure

The ceramic wear-resistant elbow uses our company’s special temperature-resistant superglue to paste the special corundum wear-resistant ceramic sheet inside the steel pipe elbow, which solves the partial wear of the conveying elbow in the thermal power, metallurgy, steel, cement and other industries For serious problems, a comprehensive solution of steel pipe elbows and wear-resistant ceramic sheets is adopted to facilitate rapid replacement and construction. According to different working conditions, the production process is also different, and the direct pasting method, bolt mounting method or integral molding method can be used. Among them, the integrated pipe forming method (RHS) is to use selected alumina particles to burn the lined pipe with various molding methods, and then pour the integrated pipe into the steel pipe with a special filler. The pipe formed by this method is different from the ceramic composite pipe formed by the self-burning technology, and the inner lined ceramic crystal is exactly the same as the patch ceramic. Its advantage is that the inner wall of the pipeline is smooth, has very good wear resistance, and is suitable for slag conveying and ash removal systems that require high pipeline materials. The bolt mounting method is a ceramic assembly method that uses adhesive bonding, ceramic sheets to be pressed and inserted into each other, and bolt mounting and clamping are three-fold fixed. Due to the triple fixing method, the ceramics and the equipment have become one body, and the ceramics will not fall off even if it is operated at a high temperature above 1000℃.

2. Product use

Widely used in coal conveying, pulverizing, ash discharge systems for thermal power generation, and material conveying and batching systems in metallurgy, iron and steel, cement and other industries. Such as coal mill outlet pipe, coarse and fine powder separator inlet pipe, primary air duct elbow, pulverized coal pipe, dust removal pipe, ash drop pipe, slag discharge pipe, limestone distributor, etc. Hundreds of customers have proved that the use of wear-resistant ceramic elbows can effectively extend the service life of the equipment by more than 10 times.

3.Product features

a. Excellent wear resistance, more than 10 years of continuous use measured by the Institute of Powder Metallurgy, Central South University of Technology, the wear resistance of special ceramics is equivalent to 266 times that of manganese steel and 171.5 times that of high chromium cast iron, and has good wear resistance. The application of wear-resistant ceramic elbows in the pulverizing system greatly reduces the wear of the equipment. Based on more than ten years of field operation experience, the service life is at least 10 years, which reduces the frequency and cost of maintenance.

b. The lining ceramic has high strength, high hardness, and light weight. The Rockwell hardness of the corundum ceramic produced by our company is HRA80-85, which is much higher than wear-resistant steel and stainless steel. The density is only half that of steel, and the weight of ceramic elbow is only 1/3 of that of wear-resistant steel elbow, which is easy to install and replace.

c. The installation is firm, with good heat resistance and corrosion resistance. The ceramic sheet is installed on the inner wall of the elbow with a high-temperature inorganic adhesive. The adhesive is newly developed by our company and the Key Laboratory of Fine Ceramics of Tsinghua University. Compared with the inorganic adhesives used by our company, the bonding effect is better. It can guarantee that it will never fall off and is long. The heat-resistance can reach 350℃ for time. Dongfang Hitachi and other boiler manufacturers use this glue to stick ceramics in the burners. The pasting process is simple and reliable. Ceramics are inorganic materials, do not oxidize and rust, and are resistant to acid and alkali corrosion.

d. The inner wall is smooth and does not block the powder. The ceramic pieces are sintered at high temperature and have a compact structure. The surface is smooth after grinding and deburring. The mounting process is carried out in strict accordance with the work instructions to ensure the smooth transition of the tiles, the height difference does not exceed 0.5mm, and the inner wall of the bend pipe after the ceramic lining is flat and smooth without blocking the powder.

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